Digital Offset Press Equipment

Digital Offset Presses

Discus on Demand have extensively researched and delivered the very best in Digital Offset Press technology to offer our customers outstanding quality and the largest range of options on their printed pieces.

Our two presses will sure to have you covered on your next printing job.

HP Indigo 7600

HP Indigo 7600 Press

The Indigo 7600 is a truly unique piece of printing machinery. A Digital Offset Press offering outstanding colour quality in CMYK with an offset look and feel to match. This press also can print in white ink and clear raised ink, offering something not seen before in digital printing.

It can print on a wide variety of papers, including plastic and clear acetate and stocks up to 400gsm in weight.

Feel free to ask for a printed sample before you print your next job.

Xerox iGen 150

Xerox iGen 150 Press

The iGen 150 Digital Offset Press now offers our customers the chance to print on a larger sheet size, up to 650mm wide by 350mm deep.

This new format paired with Xerox’s flat matt ink technology can allow our customers to design and print products like Landscape A4 Booklets, Presentation Folders, 6pp A4’s and large folio style books.

This press has been a revelation for our customers who previously haven’t been able to print shorter runs in a larger size, so now we can.

Feel free to ask for a printed sample before you print your next job.