Can I Customise Each Printed Product?

Variable Data Printing

Discus on Demand often produce jobs with a wide range of variable data.  Whether the print job is a wedding invitation, a numbered document, QR-codes, barcoding or something else, we can do it all. With digital print, each page is different from the next so we can easily handle variable data printing.  The result can range from the simple to the complex.

That Personal Touch

Personalisation comes in many forms. It could be numbering, an isolated number, a QR-code or barcode, or even personalised promotional items.  Event tickets are also popular candidates for Variable Data printing.  When tickets also combine  some of our specialities like raised ink or white ink it adds a degree of security beyond that of standard printing.

One of the most popular variable data projects is invitations.  With invitations guest names are merged onto the invitation as they are printed. Personalising an invitation in this way makes an invited guest feel valued and adds impact.  This is an effective way to enhance the sense occasion for special events, like Weddings and other formal functions.

Good Old Mail Merge

Don’t overlook the oft neglected mail merge.  Instead of sending out laser printed merge letters why not add a touch of class to your correspondence? If you send letters to employees or any other official documents that need personal details added before mailing using variable data is a great choice. Just contact Discus to help you with printing your next merged-correspondence project.