Can I Try a Few Options Before I Commit?

Change My Final Print Options and Stock Choices

Particularly if you are new to the printing process, you might like to experiment with different print and stock options before you finalise your print run. We are happy to provide advice and guide you through any choices and variations that might interest you. At Discus on Demand, we like to have customers who enjoy getting involved with the printing process.

Tools – Like Swatch Books

We enjoy working with clients that really like to have an awareness of the range and depth of product that can be produced. Further, we like to arm our clients with the information and tools that will help them get the most out of our services.  We provide them with one of our paper-swatch books, which helps them choose the papers they are thinking of printing on.  We can also walk through the costs of the different stocks to help select the ideal medium that will meet their quality and budget goals. The swatch is a great preview of the result you are likely to achieve with these papers. We also give our clients one of our beautifully printed booklets highlighting Discus and Discus on Demand as a company revealing the wide-range of products that we do offer.

For your next print job why not experiment with the print process, try out a few options and really nail the end result?

Specialist Finishings

Specialist finishings like White Ink and Raised Print, Foiling, Embossing or laminating can really change the feel of your whole job.  Also, the tactile difference that a heavier or textured stock can bring may add another dimension to your print work. Try something new today.