Is Digital Printing Suitable for Tenders?

Tenders and Pitch Documents

Discus on Demand is renowned for producing high-quality Tenders and Pitch Documents.  To help your tender or pitch document stand out from the rest, we can produce: customised binders and customised boxes – which may only require three to four copies for submission. With these projects Discus on Demand consistently delivers a high quality product even when the job is tricky. We have multiple clients who do this type of work with binders, boxes, dividers, covers and who only may only require a short run. A lot of the work we produce at Discus on Demand is for tenders and pitch documents, so we have plenty of experience to help you with this type of work.

Delivery On-Time

Often tenders and pitch documents have an imminent deadline. Here at Discus on Demand we have built up a reputation for and meeting the stringent deadlines of our customers. Because of our experience in producing tenders and pitch documents, Discus on Demand is ideally positioned in the Perth printing industry to deliver your tender project on time, consistently.  It is our personalised service that allows us to take particular care and attention to your job when we know it has a critical delivery time-frame.