What are Saddle-Stapled Booklets?

Saddle-Stapled Booklets

Saddle-stapled booklets are printed booklets with staples inserted into the spine (saddle). Printed matter such as booklets, catalogues, brochures, and manuals are often a good choice for Saddle-stapled booklets.

What can I use Saddle-Stapled Booklets for?

Some typical applications of Saddles-Stapled Booklets are in: Fashion booklets, School Booklets, and Photography Booklets. We find that Commerce, Government, local Government find Saddle stapled-booklets cost-effective and convenient for many printing applications. To add extra depth to your printing we can even do process black which delivers that deeper, rich black that you just can’t get in monotone.  Using process black in Saddle-Stapled Booklets can give your print product that extra pizazz that can make it stand out from among the ordinary.

We are getting a new saddle stapler being installed we’ll be able to offer a square stapling option that gives the final product a much more up-market feel than the traditional saddle-stitched booklet. Square bound finish on these booklets. This allows the final product to present much better as you won’t get the saddle or humps on the product that you see currently in booklets. It will look more like book. This gives a unique finish that presents extremely well. The reaction we’ve had so far from clients is that they love it.