Can I do Anything Interesting with Panoramic Books?

Images Unleashed

Discus do Panoramic books, where the image runs right across the page, no interruptions for photo based booklets. This digital print format allows for beautiful photography to be uninterrupted on a booklet. In Perth, this process is uniquely available from Discus on Demand.

To produce an image-heavy book with a refined finish that will showcase stunning photography as it deserves,  panoramic books are an excellent choice.


Ideal for Wedding and Photography Booklets

When wedding albums are done using alternative methods the spine of the book or staples, or whatever interrupts the image that ends up detracting from the appeal of the end product. Instead you can get the full effect of the beautiful photography by presenting the full image, uninterrupted across the binding. So for presentation booklets, wedding booklets, photography booklets: any job that is image heavy, panoramic books are the perfect way to get the best end result.