Why Should I Get my Printing Done Locally?

Local Perth Printing

It is great to buy local. If people source their printing from elsewhere they run the risk of not getting the level of service they expect.  Sometimes things are lost in translation, especially when you are dealing with overseas suppliers, and you are at the vagaries of what they might be able or not, to do.  Adding extra steps into the delivery path increases the uncertainty, adds unnecessary complexity and the risks any delays that come with that. It is the unforeseen that can derail even the best intentioned project.  With local Perth printing, you remove a whole range of risks, increasing your peace of mind and with the convenience of being in the same city and time zone.

Just Pick Up the Phone

The beauty of printing your project in Perth with Discus on Demand is that we are local, we are close by, the service-side is there if there are any issues or concerns or you wish to see the job before it is printed you are most welcome to do so. Being local we are only phone call or email away, or a few minutes by car if you want to get hands on and actually see your project in process.  It is that extra element of control that comes with using a local printer. You can pick up the phone and talk to, that you can have control.  Alternatively sending it overseas you definitely lose a degree of control that could end up being the difference in determining the success of the project.