Which sorts of Customised Print Jobs can Discus on Demand Produce?

Customised Print

To make your print pop, try customised print embellishments like Folding, Raised ink or UV ink, or even Embossing.  It really depends on the budget of the project. Side stitching is an option to make the project more organic, perhaps a softer even more feminine feel to the product.

Like a Passport

This promotional item was designed to have the look and feel of a passport.  Through the stock and the foiling was made to really look the part. At the event it was printed for, people had their promotional ‘passport’ stamped for the different beer stamps. It was a really fun, and interesting project for the customer, but better than that it really worked well. The feedback from the client was amazing. The customised print product really helped drive the promotion of the event and attendance because of the quality of the booklet.

Customised Print to Embellish Annual Reports

Because Annual Reports are now only optional for mining companies or any publicly listed company to send out to their shareholders the traditional number of large run prints for Annual Reports have really fallen away. So now with short-run digital printing it is now the go for Annual Reports most of the time is is just runs from 50 up to 500 which is just perfect for short-run digital. Because they are multi-page documents you are actually saving all the process and cost of all the plates required for an offset process. As they are now such a small print run they really open themselves to using customised print embellishments as the overall cost is not longer prohibitive.