Can I Save Money on Business Cards?

No Fixed Quantity For Business Cards

The beauty of digital printing is that we don’t lock you in to certain quantities. So, you are free to order 100, for one person, 250 for another 500,and 1000 for another or even 10 or 20. For business cards this is especially convenient and can really save money.  You have the option to mix and match your quantities to suit your requirements. So you can print only what you really need. This prevents excessive oversupply and reduces the risk of wasting money.

Another strategy is to break up your requirements into multiple print runs. Order only what you need. Many of our clients can testify that has been a great way for them to control their budget and save money.  Again, this flexibility can ensure that your business cards are fresh and up to date.  Never again need your print budget get trapped in boxes and boxes of out-of-date printing.

Out of the Box – Save Money

Some of our competitors will only try to sell you a box of business cards. They have a minimum quantity, we don’t. We will tailor our run-lengths to exactly what you need. With digital you can get exactly what you need. If you run out of business cards on a Thursday and need a few for your airplane journey on Friday we can do that job and get a pile of up-to-date cards to you – before you fly out.  Why not use Discus on Demand to print your next business cards and save money right away?

Business Cards When You Need Them

We often do an express print run at short notice. When it is important for our clients it is important for us. It is our ability to do customised work, and deliver outstanding service that sets us apart for our clients. Even when your job is a few cards having a local digital printer that offers excellent personalised service can make a real difference.