How Can I Make my Business Cards Stand Out?

Business Cards Your Way

With Business cards it is totally up to you how you’d like to drive the project. Lately we have been doing some amazing stuff with business cards. Though the use of white ink on dark coloured papers, the white ink gives the card a tremendous lift which has not been really done or seen before.

Unusual Mounting

We have been doing some usual mounting with business cards to great effect. With double mounting, and triple mounting business cards we use two or three sheets, fused together, to end up with a double or triple-thick business card which is quite popular and makes the end result really stand out.

Choose Your Shape

Other customers have preferred to use things like die-cutting, foiling, embossing and or laminating some of the elements you can add to the business card to really give them a lift. With die-cutting you can add shapes to your business card. You can do something unusual and might be worried about the extra time it takes.  For die-cutting it only adds a few days to the project, not weeks.